Joined at the hips since 2005, this motley crue of Mindfuckingboy, C-drĂ­k Fermont and Marcos Destructos was a match made in the womb of the mothers of industrial, punk and noise. This mongrel child defines genres and classification with its own brand of straight in the face breakcore with pummeling beats and screaming earshots of political satyr about the decadence of modern existence. Based in Singapore, Belgium and the Netherlands, the band will soon cross Europe for the third time!

Vital Weekly 586:

Based on a joint venture between Mr. Fermont and two others, Marcos Destructos (a.k.a. One Man Nation) and Mindfuckingboy, the project called Elekore turns the memories back to the old days of punk music even though compositionally developed in electronic sound spheres. Most remarkable thing in the music is the dirty vocals of Marcos Destructos and the rock’n’roll-based punk-like guitar-style of Mindfuckingboy with very fast rhythm-textures sometimes approaching the the grindcore-level in brutalism. Thanks to the fast breakbeats and the manifesting vocals Elekore turns the mind back to Alec Empire’s Atari Teenage Riot, though the final track “Communication epilogue” separates in its instrumental style and harsher noise-territories of distorted power noise drones.