From Digital in Berlin (2016)


1: The celebration of masculinity is getting utterly boring – *yawn*

2: Things already existed before they were discovered.

3: Colonialism has been replaced by a multitude of euphemisms but its definitely alive and kicking, and I absolutely hate it.

From Sounding Out – Ritual, Noise, and the Cut-up: The Art of Tara Transitory (2015)


“Tara Transitory uses a different method of “cut-up,” focusing on vibrational exchange among bodies to create communitas—or common public– specific to ritual in order to disenchant the geopolitical connection of body and gender. Transitory’s “cut-up” aims to create a body in transition, which connects with other bodies through the amplification of noises the body produces. Her work uses vibration to establish communication across genders, within a body or between bodies in a state of flux.”

From POSKOD (2012)


“I am currently going through a conceptual/initial phase of a new life project … There isn’t a project title, but the premise is pretty simple, I’m going to start living, or have already been living as a transgenderist, that’s a bit of the iceberg for now…”

From Emergent Locality (2012)


Previously I featured Marc Chia aka One Man Nation on his short film but that wasn’t nearly enough to cover the great works that he have been producing over the years. Being mostly based in Europe, he is relatively unknown in Singapore. He is, in my opinion one of the most impressive musician / sound artist from Singapore. I decided to invite him to share some of his thoughts on his work and work processes, which turned out to be really great.

From Psych Metal Freak (2011)


“Marc never stopped stressing the power and significance of the collective creative experience with other musicians and artists in his creative journey thus far, as to him each collaboration goes beyond mere interaction and communication but it is about the sharing of the moment between the parties involved. He could not highlight enough that to him, he does not want to just play music but to him, the entire experience of musical creation and immersion is more than the current neo-liberal belief that all arts are just essentially entertainment and nothing more. On the other hand, he does not want to fall into the trappings of the other end of the spectrum, which is elevating what he does into something on the pedestal, i.e. high-brow academic platitudes/museum and art gallery fodder. He is always drawing what he does as a form of a continuation of the punk spirit which brought him into music and the arts in the first place. It is about breaking socially dictated norms and more vitally, breaking the artificial bourgeois spotlight placed on the spectacle of musical presentation/performance.”

Interview with Heinrich Deisl for Campus und Cityradio 94.4 St. Pölten

[audio:OMN-interview-radio-skug.mp3|titles=OMN Interview with Heinrich Deisl for Campus und Cityradio 94.4 St. Pölten]

From Culture Push (2007)


“2007 has been particularly fruitful for Marcos. He released two albums, a solo record Rained and It Rained, Bullets It Rained under One Man Nation and Voluntary Human Extinction as part of electro-punk outfit, Elekore, together with Belgian member C-drik and fellow Singaporean, Mindfuckingboy. We recently caught up with him after an extensive three month tour of Europe and just as well, as he will be leaving our shores again in August 2007. “