Outsiders Collective

Recently on tour in Portugal, I was having a conversation with my friends Jonathan and Filipe from the Soopa collective who organize many strange concerts in the city of Porto.  We shared plenty in terms of concepts in music and of course in music itself.  Our common problem with our own music is that it never seems to fit anywhere in terms of commercially created genres.  So we decided that well, since no genre wants us or our music, not even the so-called experimental genre, we will start our own genre – Music That Genres Avoided Like The Plague.

Welcome to the Outsiders Collective.

Feel free to subscribe to this mailing list, its an attempt to bring like-minded souls together.  A common platform to meet fellow musicians who never made music to fit, for concert organizers who have nowhere to announce their un-genre(d) concerts, and for all who lovers of experimental music that even experimental music considered a step-child!