This performance is focused on my lost-in-transition process at this moment of my life as I begin the transition towards the female end of the gender spectrum. Referencing loosely the gender make-up of the traditional Bugis society in South Sulawesi in Indonesia (which has traditionally in its society 5 genders), I will do 5 performances to camera within the intimate confines of a hotel room.

For the first performance, I will present my physical self to camera as the One Man Nation of yesteryear. Then, with each subsequent performance, I will present myself in a more and more feminine way ending with the last performance as one of the possible future outcomes of my physical presentation.

Each performance is done in front of a television set. The first performance will start with me playing live in front of the TV but with nothing being shown on the screen. In the the second performance, you will see the first performance screened on the TV and with me playing live in front of that. In the third performance, the video from the second performance will be screened and so on until the last performance where you will see me presenting the most feminine form playing live with the TV behind showing the whole transition process.

The following videostills are taken from each of the 5 performances during the IMA Reloaded Festival in Hainburg on the 29th and 30th of September 2012.


Performance 01


Performance 02


Performance 03


Performance 04


Performance 05


Video Documentation