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I try to use the live performance of sound with the use of camera and televisions to create multiple forms of myself in my various gender-states. This performance consisted of 5 performances of ‘One Man Nation’, for each performance, I presented myself physically in all the different forms of me (and I play with gender of course in how I present), each performance was filmed close-up and projected in a television behind me in the subsequent performance, so with the passing of every performance you would have another generation of me existing in the same space and time. The changing of my clothes, putting on make-up, etc all happened live in front of the audience and during the time it took to transfer the video file from the previous performance into the computer for projecting (about 4-7 minutes), I would start to talk about my life, my approach to my work, my take on gender, etc.

All the above was not planned, this was all a spontaneous work, the only things I planned was the outline (5 performances, choosing some clothes, deciding on the make-up) and the technical setup, but everything else wasn’t.

I then used the recordings of the performances as video source for an installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Taipei). 5 television sets were placed facing each other to form the shape of a pentagon, each of the performances were projected on each individual TV set together with the sound of each performance all unedited and put on loop.

Video Documentation

Photo Documentation

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