Statement/New Year New Look

So 2009 has brought much clarity contrary to the current climate of uncertainty. The rest of my year is more or less planned out and lots of wonderfully shocking surprises await.

As you can see, the site looks somewhat different, better or worse is dependent on taste, but certainly different. Whats been added are clearer sections and an added part called Statement. What this Statement section is all about is basically megalomania with more self conscious assessments of my own work and hopefully in all this ego-tripping and self-reflection, I am able to better explain to you why exactly I do what I do.


– Friday The 13th . . . One Man Nation Plays . . . Medialab Enschede
– One of the best videos of a One Man Nation performance available here
– All videos here
– New track preview up on myspace

Well exciting times it seems, financially and artistically! See you soon!