[Future Sounds Of Folk] Video 01

This is the fresh from the oven version!  Its been difficult finding an editing software the past months, so I’m waiting on Marta to edit a better quality version of this.  So far the development of The Future Sounds Of Folk project has brought me to this performance, everything else that was planned hasn’t been going according to plan, its been difficult arranging a workshop here and the general mindset of Javanese people well, not many of them really think too far ahead into the future!

That said, I have been in touch with some very amazing people, such as one Mr Endo Suanda, he was basically the mastermind behind the Smithsonian Folkways 20 CD collection titled “Music of Indonesia“.  He has been introducing me to who he thinks might be interested in The Future Sounds Of Folk project and I have been to the cities and the surroundings of Bandung, Jogjakarta and Surakarta (Solo) over the past month meeting traditional musicians, folk musicians, contemporary musicians who use folk instruments, and the list goes on!

One interesting brewing connection is with one Slamet Gundono, if you have time, do a google search on him, he is one amazing man.  He has deep roots in folk traditions from the Northern Java coastal regions, we have since been introduced via Mr Endo and have appreciated each others works from the get-go, so a possible collaboration is definitely in the stew!  I am excited just thinking of OMN doing music for a Wayang!

So I am proud to present the first video documentation of a performance I did with multi-instrumentalist Jimbot, he was playing the Kendang, Suling and the Bonang.  This is just the end of the concert, I can at this point in time only capture video limited to 3 minutes, so if you want more, please tell me!

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The Future Sounds Of Folk Performance 01
Common Room Bandung (Indonesia)

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Jimbot – Suling, Kendang and Bonang