Spectral Magnetic Gongs

Part of the Spectral Magnetic Ghost series of re-contextualized gamelan compositions, took awhile to get around to get off the ground, so here it is the initial lift off!

The project is in its infancy, a collaboration I have with Soopa Collective (PT) and Steim (NL), Spectral Magnetic Ghosts approaches the ghostly under-tones of traditional gamelan music with an experimental process.  Taking samples of various gamelan instruments then recomposing, reprocessing and remaking it into something somewhat the same but different.  The scope of the project is pretty vast, at this early stage I shall not disclose further details, though you can be sure that exciting stuff is brewing in the mix!

Here is a link to the first track done during the collaborative residency with Jonathan of Soopa Collective at the Worm (CEM) studios here in Rotterdam.

We were fortunate enough to be surrounded by a myriad of classic synthesizers that we used for processing of some open-source gamelan samples.  The track on the Worm Studios page is my take or remix on the source material Jonathan and I made, his track will be up soon on the site as well.