Something New

Grts all,

Finished up some new tracks for next years release, yes it has been pushed to next year as the rest of my year is pretty packed.  Come August, I’ll be in Gijon for the SummerLAB in Laboral, no idea what to expect but its always nice to be in Gijon so I’m not complaining, then end of August Bulgaria is calling as I’ll head out into the wilderness to take part in the Normadic Village festival.  This is one very interesting event as it is a call to like minded people to meet at a specific place for a certain amount of time to collaborate on various creative processes, somewhat a temporary autonomous zone.

September will be dedicated to Elekore as Mindfuckingboy and CDRK will be coming to Rotterdam to record our next release (also slated for next year) followed by a short tour of Germany, Czech Rep, Slovakia, Austria, and Switzerland.  All this leading into October where I will leave for India, Indonesia and Indochine seeking all sorts of traditional and strange music and instruments along the way.  This sabbatical of sorts is planned for about half a year, then back to Amsterdam for some dance gigs.  So the time when the next release will finally be out is autumm 2010, I’m planning an extensive tour once that release is out, though I had plans to do a trilogy with 3 different labels, but it doesn’t seem very positive the response to far as apparently no one is buying anymore music…  So maybe it will be just 1 full length LP vinyl only release limited to 303 copies.  Unless some label reading this post might be interested enough to want to jump in on this collaborative project, please don’t hesitate to write me!  So previews of upcoming tracks are already on Myspace.

Thanks for your time if you’ve made it this far in the post :)