The UnifiedField Art Space In Jogjakarta

For the lack of updates recently has been largely due to being in Jogjakarta starting up and co-directing The UnifiedField collective and art space with Marta Moreno Munoz.  Both Marta and I have planned for a while the opening of such a space in Granada Spain, but having landed in Indonesia while traveling, we initially found much inspiration here and decided after a failed venture with another arts institution here in Jogja to open our own space and organization here. The plans for Granada are still in the works and intentions for opening part 2 of The UnifiedField space in Granada are definitely in the cards, so expect an opening of The UnifiedField Granada by the end of this year or early next year.  Funding?  Hahaha we have none, don’t ask me how we manage as I am always asking myself that but not being a smoker probably helps!

For the opening of the space in Jogja, we were fortunate enough to have C-drik Fermont who was on tour in Indonesia give a talk about his on-going research about experimental music outside the Western hemisphere and performing as Crno Klank.

Our next event will be on the 04th of April and we’re privileged enough to have East Javanese instrument maker/experimenter extraordinaire Bambu Wukir pluck his frankenstein-ed Sasando as well as Philippine-born video artist Martha Atienza present her beautiful piece titled ‘Habagat’.

The website for the space is here