The Future Sounds Of Folk official website

Finally after much designing and re-designing as I am such a hopeless website creator, the site for The Future Sounds Of Folk is finally up and it definitely looks better than this OMN site!  I’m jealous!

I have added many photos of all the musicians I’ve met, recorded and/or taken photos of who are creating what I think is The Future Sounds Of Folk.  I am also in the fortunate position to be able to plan some future collaborations on stage as well as in the studio, so please if you are interested, head over to

The 04th and 06th of April will see The Future Sounds Of Folk concert 02 and 03 respectively.  Concert 02 is a solo showcase of eccentric street musician turned luthier Bambu Wukir at The UnifiedField art space in Jogjakarta and concert 03 will see Bambu Wukir collaborating with me as One Man Nation at ICAN also in Jogjakarta…