SummerLAB + Nomadic Village + Kato Hideki

A little bit on what is going on in the coming weeks…

I am privileged to be attending the SummerLAB in Laboral in Gijon this week.  Speaking with one of the developers of the Reactable (, I am hoping to get a chance to use one of these for a performance!  Bjork, look out (Yes she has bought and used one for a recent tour)!

At the end of the month I will be heading to the Nomadic Village festival, a very interesting festival where the organizers are trying to bring like minded artist/musicians/creators together in the wilderness of Bulgaria for a week to work together and present our work before dispersing, creating a somehow temporary autonomous zone to quote Hakim Bey.

September will be a month of collaboration as the other members of Elekore will be coming to Rotterdam to record our next release, as well as live collaborations with Kato Hideki (, co-founder of Tzadik’s Death Ambient with Ikue Mori & Fred Frith.