On the way to FIM and MEM

[…] All this will climax on Saturday the 08th of Nov as One Man Nation will perform at the first of 3 experimental music/art/computing festivals, the noise infested MEM festival in Bilbao. End of Nov will be the Makeart Festival 08 in Pointiers France (28/11/08) followed the week after with Piksel 08 in Bergen (05/12/08).

Going to MEM!

Some good, or rather great news coming from here. First off, One Man
Nation will be returning to Bilbao for the MEM Festival in Nov, this
will coincide with the week long Festival de Improvisación
Multidisziplinar (FIM) at L’Mono where I will be giving a week long
workshop on programming your computer to make it an improvisation
ready instrument (well try to at least).