So the time has come for the end of yet another wonderful tour!  More on the rest of the tour since Spain coming soon plus new videos (once I get through the tedious digitization/compression process…).  But in the meantime, a short update as to whats happening here –

Outsiders Collective, conceptualized in Porto with fellow conspirators of the Soopa collective, we’ve decided to start a mailing list for music(ians), concert organizers/go-ers, and everyone else interested in music that genres avoided like the plague to basically find each other in this (anti) social experiment.  To subscribe go here.

A few new collaborations have been spawned over the past year which has little or no reports about.  Forced into collaborating at 2007’s FIM festival in Bilbao, Richard Scott and I have since continued working together as a duo making non-looping rhythmic music choked full of squelchy analogous synthesia…  Videos of a performance organized by STEIM in May 2008 at Mediamatic Amsterdam will be online very very soon.  For more information about Richard Scott.

An upcoming collaboration with mechanical orchestra conductor Pierre Bastien as well as another collaboration with STEIM programmer DJ Sniff.  More on these once things have actually begin.

Work on a new One Man Nation release is also planned for 2009, the basic tracks and ideas are down and dirty, and Syrphe Records has already voiced intentions of releasing it.

Speaking of Syrphe Records, there are 4 brand new releases coming up (if not out already), available through their website.  3 of the releases feature label head C-drik collaborating with musicians from Slovenia (Aluviana), Israel (Seventeen Migs Of Spring) and Japan (Contagious Orgasm).  The forth release, Pangaea Noise, seems somewhat a follow-up to Beyond Ignorance And Borders, the first international noise compilation to feature musicians from Africa, Middle-East and Asia on one CD.  Monk Mink Pink Punk recently wrote a review of Beyond Ignorance And Borders HERE.