Going to MEM!

Some good, or rather great news coming from here. First off, One Man
Nation will be returning to Bilbao for the MEM Festival in Nov, this
will coincide with the week long Festival de Improvisación
Multidisziplinar (FIM) at L’Mono where I will be giving a week long
workshop on programming your computer to make it an improvisation
ready instrument (well try to at least).

In the pipeline are plans for an extended tour next March which will
stretch from Hamburg through Prague to Austria. So far, many of the
shows are already confirmed, so check back on the site (or don’t since
I seem to spam subscribers to this newsletter enough!) for dates and

So last weeks gig on board the MS Stubnitz was a blast! Besides
having the opportunity to play on board this infamous party liner, I
also had the wonderful opportunity of sharing the stage with Tarek
Atoui (http://asa-djinnia.com/). Much thanks to Taku
(www.djsniff.com) from STEIM (www.steim.nl) for organizing this. I
have uploaded the videos so if your interested, follow the links below,

Part 1Part 2Part 3

Forgive some of the clicks and sound quality, something happened with
the recordings…

For now,