Upcoming Concerts and Isea 2010

The Bali and Lombok tour turned out as expected, it was a good experience and privilege to be able to present such work there, but generally speaking, the populace still seems uninterested in this kind of art.  That said, the show will go on, and plans for The Future Sounds Of Folk look pretty exciting with a research tour on motorbike/boat with Bambu Wukir and Jonas Sestakresna across all the Eastern islands until we arrive in East Timor.  More details later!

More concerts added, this Sunday the 02nd of May I will be presenting  and performing as One Man Nation in Singapore at the Rooted In The Ephemeral Speak (RITES) event to be held at the Substation, presentations are from 3 – 6 pm followed by concerts at 7.30 – late.  Also presenting/performing are Lee Wen, Cai Qing, Zai Tang, Debbie Ding and Tengal (Phillippines).  Info + http://www.substation.org/rooted-in-the-ephemeral-speak-r-i-t-e-s/

In August, One Man Nation has been invited to perform and present The UnifiedField collective/space and The Future Sounds Of Folk at ISEA Ruhr 2010 in Dortmund.  Info + http://www.isea2010ruhr.org/