New Collaborative Duo with Truna

At the end of last year when I was in Valencia, I met up again with an old friend and musician Truna (of Antorcha Amable fame), he makes really incredible noise robots that are as big as a refrigerator and work on electromagnetic theory.  But besides that, he is also one hell of an improviser on cello, double bass, electronics and not as big as refrigerator sized noise generators.  I had the privilege of sharing the stage with him performing as a semi-improvising duo, originally planned for only 1 set, the audiences at Magatzems forced us to return to stage (or rather didn’t allow us to stop), twice.  In short, it was great, genial, and we’ve decided since to continue this collaboration and will be hitting the roads of Spain and France at the end of March.  Here is a link to his own works and below is a video from one of the sets, enjoy.

Dr Truna –
Antorcha Amable –