New LP review in Skug

Originally review in German
Skug – Journal für Musik, #84, Autumn 2010,

One Man Nation
»Suspended In A Vortex In The Middle Of A Bowl From Tibet/When I Was Young I
Was Easily Amused, But Now It Is All, The Same. And The Same …«

The music of this sound-non-conformist could roughly be described as a
journey through electronic experiments and classical particles. Marc Chia
aka One Man Nation, born 1982 in Singapore, studied media- and sound art at
the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. His portfolio lists international
concert tours, a residency at the STEIM Amsterdam and an article in the
magazine »The Wire«. The Viennese label Moozak recently released his
vinyl-only record, holding a wonderful baroque-like title. The album comes
in clear vinyl and in a limited edition of about 300 pieces, which, as a
surplus, makes it a perfect collector's item. Following two albums for the
Belgian experimental label Syrphe, this is Chias third fulltime release.
»Suspended« corrupts, misdemeans or at least transforms Erik Satie's piano
pieces »Gnossiennes« from the 1890s, alienated piano, Fieldrecordings of the
body and partly harsh electronica hold together these two pieces, both of
about 20 minutes in length. Dark growling, hisses of white noise,
microscopic rhythm displacements: While listening to »Suspended«, it seems
tempting to think of early recordings of Daniel Menche or likeminded
Noise-roughnecks. Deviant streams of consciousness are cut up and
rearranged; it is a trip to opaque territories of the self. Unlike many
others, Chia doesn't bother about cathartic relinquishing, but exorcises
those territories by drastic, melancholic and sometimes quite humoresque
means. It is an album that collides influences of Western classic traditions
with those of Asian origins – which becomes quite clear by the sound
architecture of the title track. After his presentation of »Suspended« in
the Viennese club fluc in late september, One Man Nation will be touring
Europe. Be there!